Wednesday, June 13, 2012

3D Projects

I have been having such a great time making these 3D projects.  The first one is a teacup from the Cricut Tags, Bags , Boxes and More 2 cart.  There are just so many different ways to use this, I love it.

The next project is from a pattern I purchased.  It's a gift card holder that I made for my husband, but it can be used for any male.  I think it's just adorable!!


Crazy Hubby

My husband, God love him, has lost his mind.  While at the grocery store, he found my favorite cheese.  It's imported from Amsterdam and very hard to find.  When we do find it, we usually get the largest quarter we can find.  Well, my husband outdid himself this time.  Yes, he bought the entire cheese round!!  Twelve pounds of cheese!!  He was very proud of himself, so I couldn't give him too much of a hard time.  He cut it into a few quarters and froze them.  Can you freeze cheese?  I certainly hope so!  So what's twelve pounds of cheese look like?  Funny you should ask, because I took some photos.  I was just speechless!!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Class Projects

I will be teaching a class this month and these are the cards we'll be creating:  a Father's Day shirt shaped card, a general pinwheel card and a birthday waterfall card.  If you're in the Sugar Land area and are interested in taking the class, let me know and I'll send you the details.