Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Magazine Article

I just received a sneak peek at the article that will be in the magazine. The photographer had me put on that apron, usually it's hanging on the laundry room door as decoration. Yes, I always wear stiletto-heel boots when pouring tea. I am such a nerd!! I hope you can read it, it's pretty funny!!

Here is my favorite picture that they didn't use. 
For some reason, they took some shots of me in the living room.  I think Beignet is much more photogetic than I!


  1. Wish I could read the article, but I couldn't zoom in on the picture. :( Love the apron. LOL! I have to say I totally got a kick out of your previous post... you are hilarious!! :)

  2. That is Awesome. Love your new kitchen and living room, especially the tile. If I could get that tile in my downstairs I would be a happy camper.