Thursday, August 9, 2012

Tricked out Treat Boxes

I was recently asked to teach a Spotted Canary class called, "Tricked out Treat Boxes."  I picked up the instructions today and went right to work.  There are a total of 5 projects that utilizes a few pieces of cardstock, a Die-Cut mat pad and various stickers.  I was very limited in the papers and embellishments, but after the class I can bling them up to my style.  Here is the Treat/Gift bag:

Next is the Slide Cover Box.  I put a wrapper on a few chocolate Nuggat bars and put them inside:

The last project that I took pictures of was the "Halloween Book."  The circle in the center flips aroung and on the back side is a skull sticker. 

There are 2 other projects, a Pyramid Box and a "J-Card" which is a matchbook card on steroids.  I'm still working on those and will post pictures when they are ready.  Hopefully people will like them and sign up for the classes.

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