Monday, May 13, 2013

Fishy Love

Have I mentioned that I love Stampin Up treat cups?  I've used both the round shaped and heart shaped cups and I don't know which I like better.  A while back, I the heart shaped cups on major sale and I bought, like, 12 packs of them.  Now I wish I would have bought the same number of round cups too!  The possibilities are endless with these cute cups!  I used the heart ones for Valentine's Day (duh) on these cards:

I love both styles, but my OCD was driving me crazy with the different colored candy hearts.  After I put them in the cup, I had to quickly seal it up because I wanted to sort the colors so badly.  Can anyone relate??

For the round treat cups, I obviously thought they would be perfect as centers of a flower.  I'm not exactly as thrilled with how these turned out, so I'm working on another style. 

I just got the cutest Stampin up stamp set and knew right away that the round treat cups would come in handy.  My 4 nieces (triplets plus sister the Breeder) love anything fishy/sea/water so I made these for them.  I think they went over quite well.  The sentiment  and inside fish are from a Close To My Heart stamp set that I've had forever but never used.  How sad, right?  I just LOVE this card and will be making more in the future.  I think the next card will have the whales on Action Wobbles.  Can't you just see them swimming through the water?




  1. Wow, Donna, these are great!!! I have never used them but maybe I need to!

  2. Donna,These cards are so very cute...I love them all !!!

  3. These are great ideas! What about using the stamp for a snow globe and put goldfish in it.