Friday, June 21, 2013

Showin' my Cajun Pride

This afternoon I ventured back into the pit craft room after almost a week.  I had to do some major cleaning from the last time I was in there and it was like Christmas.  Do you ever discover things you've had but forgot about?  Um, yeah, me too.  I found a ton of old Cricut vinyl in a rainbow of colors just sitting under a pile of cardstock, that I'll use some day...if I don't loose it again.  Anyway, I was wondering how the Cameo would cut Cricut vinyl, as if the brand made a difference.  I played with different designs before deciding on a Fleur de lis. 

Because it was too big to put on any of my water bottles, I decided my car, Franz, needed a little Cajun Pride.  I think it looks cute on the window.  I  had to put it on the outside of the window because I didn't flip the image.  I'll have to see how long it lasts against the Houston summer.

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