Monday, December 16, 2013

Ho Ho Ho

I've been so busy with general life stuff that put me waaay behind in my Christmas Crafting!!  I finally managed to squeeze in some time this past weekend and finished my Christmas cards, as well as a few cute stocking stuffers for my nieces.  This first project was so easy, but it's my favorite!   

This next project was a file from the Silhouette store.  I've seen it as a gift card holder, which I may do next year.  The back of the tag says, "Hope you're nice."  The stamp set was from Stampin' Up.


Here's a funky gift card holder; the snowflake is on an Action Wobble.  LOVE THOSE!!!

On to my Christmas cards.  I wanted to try a different type of card, and had just learned how to make a Shutter card that was so fun.  I used some pretty Stampin' Up paper that I purchased on a whim.  I really like how it turned out, but boy was it a lot of work!!  Each card called for 1 big snowflake and 2 small ones which had to be stamped, cut, glittered and assembled.  I didn't put moch fore-thought into it until I realized I needed over 20 cards. That's 60 snowflakes!!!   


About halfway into it, I ran out of paper.  I placed an order and my heart sunk every day when the mailbox was empty.  I got a little nervous that the new stack wouldn't make it in time, so I decided to make a few more different ones using new stamps and paper.  The first is a file folder card.  This was so much easier to mass produce and I love how it turned out.  The second one is using the same stamp set, but on a more traditional card.
I hope everyone has a wonder Christmas! 


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